One day the wind blew again, and re-opened your scribbled words. It gave me same old sensation, And cleared what was blurred. You started it with dear, Yes you are also my special one. Then the wing whispered something, I turned back but there was none. Papers have turned pale, And even I have turned … Continue reading LOVE TURNED OLD


When I was a child, I wanted to touch the sky. Hold the stars and sit on the moon, hahaha!!!! But when I grew old, I realised "it's more difficult to touch someone's heart". So appreciate people who care for you.        -SNEHA PRAKASH©


If you want respect Learn to respect others also If you want love Learn to love others also If you want to be cared Lean to care someone else also "COZ WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND"                             -©SNEHA PRAKASH ☺