My open letter to “Scars”

Dear Scars,

Thank you. I don’t know why people hate you, but I have always loved you unconditionally. You exhibit who I were but most importantly you tell me who and why I am presently like this. Whenever I get you I feel like a memory is embedded in my skin. And the most important thing is sometimes you are invisible or in other words visible to my soul only. I really appreciate your gesture of always staying with me. No you don’t hurt, you show I have survived and healed. 

Some people like beginnings. Rising of sun with birds flying and chirping all around.  People love streams starting from the mountains and flowing to the lower point.But I love beautiful ends, because end is a new beginning to a beautiful morning.I love it when they reach the ocean more powerful and thunderous. 

Be it a burnt mark, a cut or a deep hollow heart break, it always ends with you. You make sure before entering a new day I remember the end of the previous one. You are as important to me as love. Because love gives you bruises something, intentionally or unintentionally but in the end you stay as a memorial proving it existed. 

With lots of unconditional love,


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