New Year and an improved me

Every Year we come up with a new resolution. New Year-New Me!!!But what about your old self, who did not deserve to be changed. The “self” who just needed your self-love and care.

People come into our life and they leave. And when these people leave, in the phenomenon of forgetting them we lose a part of us. That moment had you, which you are desperately trying to forget or ignore. It had a person you were and it will always have “You” in it.

Sometimes we are broken and instead of doing a root cause we put a layer around us. One more layer each time and in the end we a stronger version of us. But we forget in this process of layering we have forgotten the real us who is still broken inside and burdened with all these layers. Instead of fooling yourself with a new hair cut or a trip to Goa, sit and figure it out. You cannot make everything perfect, you cannot make everyone happy, but you can always be true to yourself.

Hiding tears won’t make you strong, it will just add one more layer which will burden your true self. Expression is the key. Express in some way. Don’t push yourself this year to “New Year – New Me”, instead this year go for “New Year and an improved me”.

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