Since childhood I was living with a confusion ” What is Beauty? “. Yes, I know most of people would say that beauty resides within an individual, inside our soul. But what we say may not be what we feel. For an example if we see a girl wearing too much of makeup most of us judge her by saying “It’s too much, beauty is in simplicity”. But I want to ask if beauty resides within our souls then how does it matter if we put on makeup or not?. How does our appearance matter? How does wearing a simple sari makes me beautiful and wearing a skirt makes me a showoff. Either people should stick to ” beauty is within the soul” or should accept that they are judgemental.
I feel people are living in a dilemma, where they are just contradicting their own statements and moulding it according to our own needs. It’s okay if you do not like a dress because it’s an opinion. But if you are not liking a person because of what he/she is wearing, it’s called “Being Judgemental”.
So when I grew older and a little more wiser I created my own definition of beauty. For me beauty is surely something within our soul but when I say within soul I do not contradict it by saying “Beauty is in simplicity”. Beauty is the way you want to live, the way you feel happy. Go out wearing a blood red lipstick and high heals or wearing a pajama and messy hair ( yes, pajama is more comfortable :p ), both are equally beautiful if you are beautiful from within. And equally ugly if you ugly from inside.

12 thoughts on “BEAUTY IS IN SIMPLICITY?

  1. I think
    There is Two types of beauty .
    Internal which is your talking about soul and second is external which is your body.
    Dress is not permanent,it is daily changed but your body is constant.
    So maintain both beauty internal and external both.

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