Have you seen the bullseye? I believe most of you must have. It’s a kind of board with concentric circles of different colours. And the target is the innermost circle. If you hit it at the innermost circle, Bullseye!!! Woaa!! Congratulations!! Your target hitting skills are amazing.

But my question is what if my aim isn’t the innermost circle? I mean traditionally the target should be the innermost circle, but what if my target is different and not mainstream.What if I hit exactly at my target which wasn’t the innermost, something “OFF CENTRE”, but the one I aimed at. For rest of the world, it won’t be a bullseye, but for me, it will be.

So, I believe the target is not something that someone else has set. We do not need to follow everything blindly, chasing the set goals. Achievement is an achievement. So let’s be a little ” OFF CENTRE “ and make our own target, different and unique.

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