The sky 💙

Neither the stars had any idea   Nor the moon could make any guess   Why in this world of billion people   She always chooses the sky to confess ©   -©SNEHA PRAKASH

My open letter to “Scars”

Dear Scars, Thank you. I don't know why people hate you, but I have always loved you unconditionally. You exhibit who I were but most importantly you tell me who and why I am presently like this. Whenever I get you I feel like a memory is embedded in my skin. And the most important … Continue reading My open letter to “Scars”



बस कहती है, ना सुनती है, यह हर एहसास बयान कर देती है। ज़िंदगी यूं ही चलते चलते, कुछ पल रुक मेरा इम्तिहान लेती है। - स्नेहा प्रकाश


वक़्त का इरादा है क्या, ये तो मालूम नहीं| मालूम तो है बस इतना कि, ये वक़्त जो वक़्त है मेरा नहीं| पर ये वक़्त मेरा कभी न हो सकेगा, ये तो शायद खुद वक़्त भी न कह सकेगा| जो ज़रा देर हुई तो ना घबराइयेगा, सबका वक़्त आने में ज़रा वक़्त लगता है| -स्नेहा … Continue reading वक़्त


Hello guys, Happy Holi to you and your family. Play it safe and clean. Dance and eat a lot.Do not trouble others. Do not throw colours on animals, it can cause them allergies and irritation.